Melissa Meeks Curl, born on the vibrant day of May 6, 1979, not only tends to the health of others as a 44-year-old seasoned nurse but also navigates the intriguing lanes of life from the lively hub of Chicago, Illinois. With a financial tapestry weaving around her, she boasts a net worth of $4 million.

Her name danced into the spotlight due to the unforeseen legal tangle encountered by her ex-husband, Jeremy Meeks, right within the walls of the Stockholm police station. However, their story took an unforeseen twist when Jeremy’s captivating mugshot, like a genie escaping its bottle, found its way onto the vast canvas of the internet. In a peculiar turn of events, this turned him into an overnight sensation, celebrated not for conventional achievements but as a peculiarly attractive outlaw. Life, it seems, has a knack for the unexpected.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Melissa Meeks Curl
Stage Name: Melissa Meeks
Born: 6 May 1979 (age 44 years old)
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Nationality: American
Education: University of Phoenix
Height: 1.67 m
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Curl
Siblings: Michelle Curl
Spouse: Jeremy Meeks (m. 2008–2018)
Boyfriend • Partner: Donald “DJ” Friese, Ramirez (ex.)
Children: Robert Ramirez, Eli Anna Ramirez, Jeremy Meeks Jr.
Occupation: Nurse
Net Worth: $4 million
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