Born on January 25, 1996, Naomi Neo stands as a 27-year-old remarkable Singaporean content creator, with her multifaceted talents spanning blogging, modeling, and social media, amassing a net worth of $5 million. Her creative journey embarked in 2011, initially as a blogger, subsequently blossoming into a content creator on YouTube in 2012. Naomi Neo’s distinctive style, brimming with relatability and entertainment, has earned her an unwavering and dedicated fan base.

The tapestry of Naomi Neo’s content portfolio is a diverse and alluring one, weaving together a spectrum of subjects encompassing the realms of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. What truly sets Naomi apart is her penchant for collaboration, a harmonious dance with renowned Singaporean content creators like Night Owl Cinematics and JianHao Tan.

Her influence radiates brilliantly across various social media landscapes, with a stellar following of over 865k admirers on Instagram, a dazzling 1.6 million aficionados on TikTok, and an impressive congregation of more than 495k subscribers on YouTube. Naomi Neo’s digital prowess paints a vivid picture of her impactful presence in the realm of content creation.

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Wiki Facts & About Data
Full Name: Naomi Neo
Stage Name: 梁文珊
Born: 25 January 1996 (age 27 years old)
Place of Birth: Singapore
Nationality: Singaporean
Education: National University of Singapore
Height: 1.54 m
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Han (m. 2018)
Boyfriend • Partner: JianHao Tan (2014-2016)
Children: Kyzo Han, Zyla Rey
Occupation: YouTuber • Internet Personality
Net Worth: $5 million
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